Tutoring Program

Who We Are and What We Do
Bright Minds Tutoring offers high quality educational care to students K-12 and beyond. This includes all subject areas, college prep examinations, standardized testing preparation, occupational therapy, speech therapy, counseling, and more. Our tutors are all highly qualified through the Florida & Georgia Department of Education and have a large amount of experience teaching in the subject area they tutor. Before working with Bright Minds, they go through Bright Minds tutoring training and receive level 2 background screenings. Parents can rest assured; their student is receiving a top-notch education and care with Bright Minds Tutors. The foundation of Bright Minds is based on the belief that every child has potential and a bright future. Our services are provided where your child feels most comfortable. This could be in their home, the school, a local church, library, etc. We also are unique in that we create an open line of communication with the student’s teachers to create an individualized plan of improvement.

Why Choose Bright Minds Youth Development?
Bright Minds Tutors are set apart from other tutoring organizations in several ways. First, Bright Minds Youth Development was developed with a mission to provide youth and young adults the opportunity to explore and develop their talents, while gaining critical skills for leadership, education, health, work and beyond. The core belief of this organization goes far beyond tutoring. We want parents to know that we not only care about their child’s academics, but we also care for their livelihood and future happiness and success. Bright Minds Tutoring is also set apart because we build an ongoing line of communication with the student’s teacher and parent. Using a system of three-way communication builds a strong backbone for the tutoring sessions. The sessions are centered on the student’s true needs and areas of weakness.

Location and Types of Tutoring
BMYD provides tutoring services to students of all ages in the comfort of their home or in a mutually agreed location. Many students are intimidated in a group setting or embarrassed to ask for help in front of their peers. BMYD tutoring allows for face to face, private sessions where students feel confident and relaxed. In most cases, they quickly become eager and willing learners when the pressure is removed from the situation. Areas of frustration become areas of success.

Many students feel threatened by the new standardized assessments, end of course exams, college prep exams, etc. Today’s youth are bombarded with testing and the pressure mounts year after year approaching graduation and college. BMYD provides educators who can help calm your child’s fears and prepare them to be successful for any exam coming their way. Whether your child is struggling with one subject area or preparing to pass an upcoming exam, BMYD will match them with a tutor who is highly qualified to help.