To Whom it May Concern:
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to Coach Gillford. Mrs. Harcum, and the entire staff for their kindness and professionalism that was displayed during the BMYD Summer Camp, June-July 2018, which my grandson, William R. Garland, age 6 , attended this summer.

The young people on staff that I encountered when I went to pick up mu grandson always greeted me with a smile and good manners, which is so appreciative. As William’s grandma, it puts my mind at ease knowing that while he is away from his immediate family during the day that he is in good hands and well taken care of in a professional and caring manner, as well as his health and safety is foremost of importance and he is in a well balanced environment.

William’s Daddy and Mommy made a wise choice in placing William in a fun-filled atmosphere yet continuing his educational skills during the summer camp period. I sincerely thank everyone involved for your time during this summer camp and for taking an interest in such a worthwhile endeavor. I thank you on William’s behalf and for all the children who attended the BMYD summer camp.
S. Garland

To Whom It May Concern:
As a new resident to Jacksonville, my son attended the Bright Minds Youth Development Camp at Fleming Island Elementary School. Not only has he made several friends among his group, but he also enjoys the company of the camp counsel’s. Everyone at camp is dedicated to the children, their well being and ensuring the experience is awesome. I never have to worry about their safety or happiness while he is at camp. He is already looking forward to attending next year!

A camp is only as good as the person who runs it. I think Coach G is top notch and has done an excellent job bringing BMYD to Fleming island. I am always greeted with a smile, and every time I pick up my son he says “ I love Coach G”. You can see from the energy of the camp that his counselors respect him and everyone is there to have a good time.

Thank you again for the amazing time this summer. We can’t wait to sign up again next year!
J. Wong

Dear BMYD,
I am writing to tell you how much we absolutely love the summer camp Coach G is running this summer! My 6-year-old son, Noah; would rather go to camp than just about anything else and it has been this way all summer. We have been thrilled with the fact it’s not a “let them run and pick them up when your ready” type place that so many of these camps are. Here he comes home with work he does which keeps him tuned up for school and in learning mode which is absolutely phenomenal at his age. He is learning new things daily and I am more than happy with the staff and the overall setup.

I will be signing Noah up for this camp again next year, he made me promise I would! Thanks to you and your staff for the exceptional job
M. Ross

To Bright Minds Youth Camp ( Bradford Middle School)
It has been a pleasure having my child at your camp this summer. My son Michael Hampton attended the camp in 2016. He did not attend in 2017, but returned this year. He has not complained at all about going to camp. On the contrary he has come home and talked about his field trips and the time they spend playing in the gym. He tells me what he has learned and has looked forward each week to visiting somewhere new. The children made tie dyed shirts and my son has been trying to wear it more than once a week by sneaking it under his clothes, because he is so proud of it. The staff and volunteers have been very friendly and professional. They are strict about checking ID’s in the afternoon when the kids are picked up, but I see that as a good thing not a bad thing. My son is happy and sometimes wore out by the time he is picked up in the afternoon. This is definitely a feat since he was diagnosed with ADHD in 2015 and can usually go all day without stopping until he goes to bed at night. I am very happy and pleased with the services that have been provided this year and hope to return with my son again next year. I look forward to the seeing the showcase on July 24th and just want to say thank you to all the staff for being so kind and caring to my son and my family.

BMYD Summer Camp has been such a blessing for my two kids. This is their second year attending and they absolutely love it. All year they talked about it and they are already asking to come back next summer. All of the counselors and the director are extremely kind and helpful and treat my children as if they have known them for years. The weekly field trips are a great way to keep things going all summer and not letting the kids fall into a boring routine every day. The end of the summer showcase is the thing my children look forward to the most! Great Program!
T. Lemire

I would just like to take the time to let you know what a blessing the camp is for our young children. My daughter has attended for 2 years I am more and more impressed with each year. The camp is run efficiently and effectively, and my daughter enjoys herself each day. As a parent I am thankful to have somewhere for her to go that keeps her mind flowing over the summer. As a person in the community it makes my heart smile to see their end of the year showcases. The staff you have manning the Bradford Camp is professional and I appreciate that. My child feels comfortable and I feel comfortable. I have talked to Mr. Littles several times about an afterschool program for our area. We currently do not have anything that compares to what you do over the summer. As a working mom my child would benefit from having a place to go where she can receive help with her homework and also interact in a monitored environments after school. I just want to reach out to you and give you a personal think you for what you do and provide for the children. Your staff are a direct reflection on you and in this community that is a positive. Thank you again for taking the time to care.
Thank You
K. Adams

Wonderful program with awesome staff. My 5 and 6-year-old had lots of fun and looked forward to going each morning. Thanks to everyone involved.
S. Norma

I would like to Thank BMYD-GCSP for the awesome Summer that my daughter Sahara experienced while attending your camp this Summer. Everyday she came home with exciting new stories. She enjoyed the field-trips, outside sports, classroom activity time and the close knit friendly environment. Sahara particularly enjoyed the warm acceptance from the other campers where social cliques didn’t matter. She’s already mentioned that she wants to come back next Summer. Thanks BMYD for becoming apart of my daughters great childhood memories.
Best regards,
A. Thruston

Ms. Wanda,
I wanted to take this opportunity to let you and your team of Counselors know what an amazing job you do. I truly feel blessed to be able to not worry about my boys because I know they are being taken care of. This is the second year Brair has been at camp and Max’s first. I love that Bright Minds uses iReady and keeps the kids on a schedule, which is so important for the boys. I have seen such a difference in Brair as well, getting up on stage during the showcase in front of all of the other parents to sing. It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Please know you are appreciated more than you know. Bright Minds Youth Summer Camp keeps it real and keeps it fun. We can’t wait to see everyone again next summer.
Warmest Regards,
S. Staggs

To whom it may concern:
My kids have thoroughly enjoyed going to summer camp this year. The group of counselors and leaders at Ridgeview BYMD have gone above and beyond my expectations as a parent. Both of my kids are extremely active and love to stay busy and every day when they came home they had an awesome story to share with us. Between the games, songs, crafts and field trips my kids had an unforgettable summer. I would highly recommend this program to any family looking to fill their kids’ summer with great memories. We will be coming back next year!
Thank you,
R. Lezcano

To whom it may concern:
My daughter has attended the summer camp for the last 2 years at Ridgeview Elementary and it has been wonderful. She is able to go to a familiar setting with qualified teachers and have lots of fun. I love all the teachers and the young volunteer counselors are always professional and mannerly. The field trips are awesome and being able to continue using I-ready. Having a safe place to go is a godsend. It is also affordable! Without Bright Minds I would have to pay double the cost. This would cause a strain on my family. I hope Bright Minds continues to offer these programs in the future.
L. McMillan

To whom it may concern,
I have had my nine year old son attend Bright Mind’s the past two seasons. Last year, his first, at Oakleaf Junior, wasn’t very organized, nor was there much supervision, at times. However, he still enjoyed most of the camp, but, nothing like he has this summer. I would like for your organization to continue to move forward in your mission, and continue to provide learning tools at the camps, such as, cool math and I-Ready, opportunities.

Furthermore, I would like to highlight that a great deal of this site’s success, to the director, for spear heading her location into what I feel, the direction in which the organization was intended to go, through it’s mission and vision statements. In addition to this location’s organized, efficient, and extremely competent demeanor, they have received the grade of excellent, from this family. Keep up the great work, hope to see you all next year.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
On File
Coach Christopher V. Wilson
Clay County School Board

To Whom It May Concern:
I wanted to write and let you know how wonderful camp was this year for both of my children. This is the third year we have attended camp during the summer. I must say this has been the most excited I have seen them while attending.

It was always completely organized and we as parents were informed of any situation or event that was coming up in a timely manner. The kids regularly used iready which I appreciated considering being a busy mom. This continued to keep them on pace for this next school year.

The snack bar was a big hit and taught my boys the importance and responsibility of holding on to money for the first time. Great for me also if I didn’t have snacks on hand at home that day. APPRECIATED!!!

The main thing of importance to me was the drum line that was created for the end of summer talent show. My oldest Tatum is very shy and yet he felt comfortable to try something different. He raised his hand to be on this “drumline”. A feat in itself. He has practiced until I was annoyed but was happy he was showing commitment to something and possibly a new interest.

Michelle and her team should be praised for a job well done. She was a new leader of this location and I have definitely seen a huge difference in my two. Tatum and Aiden had a great summer!
Thank you!
M. Childress
Office Manager
Keith Pierson Toyota

To whom it may concern:
This years Bright Minds summer camp was a great experience for my son. My son attended a Bright Mind camp two years ago and it was nothing like this year. This year, thanks to Coach G and his staff the camp was well ran and very organized. The counselors bring excitement and they are very attentive to the kids. Coach H did a great job making sure the parents were informed and at ease knowing that our kids were in good hands. Thank you for providing a positive and exciting summer camp for my son.
Kind Regards,
E. Young

To whom it may concern,
This is my child’s 2nd year attending Bright Minds Youth Development (BMYD), and he loves it! The new Fleming Island location is in my neighborhood and super convenient. The staff here is always courteous, informative, watchful and organized. I cannot say enough nice things about how this location is ran. My son always gives me a run-down of his day and lets me know about all the fun he had. BMYD provides the perfect solution to getting the kids out of the house during the summer, keeping them safe and active!

I wanted to take some time and thank you for setting up the Bright Minds Youth Development Camp. This is our first year at Fleming Island with my youngest son however; it is not my first time with this organization. I initially had my oldest son attend this camp when it first came to Clay County. I can tell this summer my son has had so much fun! The camp has had some great summer field trips, I love all the learning they had done this summer. Each day my son comes home from camp telling something new he has learned. My son loves waking up each day and going to camp and cannot wait to return.

I greatly appreciate Coach G, and how he interacts with the children and set the bar high with them. My son has grown over this summer physically and mental. Coach G, make the kids show respect to each other which in return has also been seen more in the home. I cannot say enough about this camp and this organization, thank you for all that you do!
A. McBeth

To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for the Bright Minds Youth Development Summer Camp Program. This is my fourth year program and my third son to attend. The camp is an affordable way to keep my children active during the summer months. Bright Minds offers a variety of activities that have sparked the interest of my three children whom have very different personalities. Sports camps, field trips and dancing with their new friends are some of the activities they enjoyed most.

We have attended camp at Orange Park High School, Middleburg Elementary, Ridgeview Elementary School and this summer at Fleming Island Elementary School. We have bee not many different locations because of Coach G ( Trent Gillford). Coach G has been an exceptional leader from our first experience with him at Orange Park High School. He has been a great mentor to the children by teaching them basic rules of life that every child should know. He sets the example by showing the children respect and holding them accountable to the same rule amongst one another. Any issue that I have had as a parent were easily addresses and taken care of immediately. My children see Coach G as an adult ( Mentor) they can talk to about anything. This is very important to me as a parent because too often children are afraid to speak to their parents about issues they may have. I am grateful that I found the Bright Minds Summer Camp Program to fill my boys summers. Bright Minds is a great program that I will continue to send my children to each summer and if possible they will attend the location that Coach G is a part of.
A. Jackson

I can’t say enough about Bright Minds, my 4 grandkids have been going since the first year, the staff are wonderful and helpful. Over the years I have got to know staff on a personal basis.
5 out of 5 stars

Jasiah has been coming to BMYD for the past three years and enjoys it all the time. He has met new friends. He & I love the variety of field trips. He was excited about bowling, Adventure Landing, the Gainesville Pool is wonderful. Diamond D Ranch was new to him this year and had a great time there too.
5 out of 5 stars

After my son attending BYMD for the third year now, I can honestly say the staff feel like family. Each staff member is dedicated to teaching and guiding these children in a positive direction. The flexibility of the camp is amazing for a single parent family and I’m thankful. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past three years.

Casey and Dax

Thank you Coach Cole and the other coaches and staff of Bright Minds Youth Development. This year was our first summer with BMYD. We will for sure be back again. My kids were eager to go to camp every day. The weekly field kept them excited. This summer has been a great experience.
D. Pham

To whom it may concern:

I’m honored to show my support for Coach Poe and the staff of Bright Minds Youth Development Camp at Oakleaf Junior High School in Orange Park, Florida.

What Coach Poe and the other counselors have been able to accomplish over the years is nothing less than spectacular! This program is cutting edge and impacts our community of children in a way that is life changing. The quality of programs here should be role models for other youth programs around the country. When I first met Coach Poe. I felt his passion for making a difference in the lives of children and he still shows the same desire and drive today.

BMYD continues to grow because of its leadership and commitment to the children they serve. So, if you’re looking for a youth program that impacts children for a lifetime, you don’t need to look any further. Coach Poe and his staff of counselors at Bright Minds Youth Development are great role models for your children to have.
C. Buford

BMYD is incredible! My 10-year-old daughter has gone to BMYD for the past 3 summers. The coaches and volunteers are caring, responsible, and professional with whom she bonded and built friendships with. The camp is well organized, and focuses on growth and development. It provides non-stop activities, weekly field trips, and a safe nurturing and fun environment.

I like that the camp is held in my community. This allows my child to be with her school mates, but also form new friendships. BMYD encourages kids to interact with each other to develop their social skills, so no phones are allowed during class time. I also like that the camp opens earlier than most camps, which allows me to drop my child off before going to work.

My child will definitely attend BMYD next year. Every year it seems to get better!
K. Fuller

My kid enjoys it. Food is included and the price is beyond amazing.
L. Bernardini

My daughter loves the camp and the teachers they are so sweet and great with her.
A. Fox

The kids love it and they are super nice. 10/10 recommend
S. Sullivan

I love the fact that Loren is learning science topics and comes home and shares them. I also love the field trips.
M. Davis

I really like how nice the teachers are.

I would like to take a moment to brag on one of your Bright Minds groups. I had the privilege of driving the bus for the Bradford County Camp. This has been the best summer work experience I have had to date.
The students have followed all bus rules to the fullest and they have been very respectful. I think this in turn has a lot to say for the leadership of this great group of children. Everyone from Ms. Charisma Calloway, to all of the young men and women who were counselors are the best!! I hope I get the opportunity to work with them again next year.

L. Porter- Bus driver Bradford County Schools.

Parents Name: V. Purandase
Campers Age: 6
Testimonial: Parth just loves it. Thanks for taking good care of my kids.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: N. Sampson
Campers Age: 6
Testimonial: The camp is great. He always came home with lots of stories about staff and he made a lot of friends this year. He will be attending next year.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: V. Puradare
Campers Age: 10
Testimonial: Very nice activities. Well planned and interactive. Friendly counselors. My kids love it.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: A. Roberson
Campers Age: 9
Testimonial: Ethan loved the camp! As a parent, I would love pick up time to be extended to 7pm due to work.
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Parents Name: R. Graham
Campers Age: 7
Testimonial: The girls love coming to camp, so much! They have enjoyed their counselors and met several friends. The field trips have been a great variety and we are looking forward to next year already!
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: Y. Galarza
Campers Age: 6
Testimonial: He truly enjoys coming here every day.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: S. Elefante
Campers Age: 6
Testimonial: Isabella absolutely loves the camp! She wakes up eager to get to camp right away. She told me she wants to come back next year!
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: L. Freeman
Campers Age: 7
Testimonial: Good experience for the most part. Odd that I never met my childs teacher, otherwise no complaints.
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Parents Name: A. Ali
Campers Age: 7
Testimonial: Very nice summer camp, very nice staff and great people to deal with.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: M. Romen
Campers Age: 7
Testimonial: Great Camp.
Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Parents Name: B. Sanders
Campers Age: 7
Testimonial: He’s having a great time. I love that he’s still reading and keeping up with that. We also love the field trips and all the new friends he’s making.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: C. Kaleel
Campers Age: 8
Testimonial: Maurice enjoyed himself so much. He already says he’ll miss his friends when camp is over. The staff has been extremely helpful and kind to me!
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: J. Quinn
Campers Age: 8
Testimonial: My son, new to Jacksonville, FL has truly loved his time here at BMYD. The staff is so nice and caring to the children. My son wakes up daily ready for camp. Will be returning next summer, but will love to have camp run into August.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: L. Stewart
Campers Age: 7
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: C. Matthews
Campers Age: 7
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: S. Myers
Campers Age: 9 & 6
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: B. Lucas
Campers Age: 6
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: J. Wikinnan
Campers Age: 8
Testimonial: So far I’ve had no issues with the summer camp. The price is affordable than most other camps which helps out a lot. We will probably be using Bright Minds next summer.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Anita – I think this is a wonderful program that you have brought to Bradford County. Hope to see it continue.

Latessa – Overall I think the camp was great. My child, Ivy, was very nervous about attending on her first day of camp. She does not go to school in the Bradford County district so therefore her chance of already knowing any of the kids was very low. After attending the first week she seemed to enjoy the camp very much. I think the friendly and warm-hearted camp counselors played a major part of my child being comfortable at the camp. This made me feel good about leaving her in the counselor’s care and choosing this camp for her. Overall I was very pleased with this camp and I would definitely enroll my child next summer.

Sabrina – The girls are still talking about this program! They had an excellent time and were able to experience many new things. The staff was EXCELLENT and they treated my girls like family. They showed genuine interest and care and Jason did a great job of making sure things flowed smoothly. Justin and Takela were great counselors, especially Tekela who was able to show patience with a rather difficult Daijah. The price is great, and the field trips were cost effective. PLEASE CONSIDER COMING TO ALACHUA COUNTY!!!!! We look forward to next year!!

Brandi – Good morning! This was the first year my son attended the camp. He enjoyed it very much. I loved that he had somewhere to go different from just a daycare. Our camp experience was good. The staff from morning to afternoon were all very nice, fun, helpful and informative. Thank you for bringing BMYD camp close to our home!! My son will be attending next year 🙂

Parents Name: S. Hall
Campers Age: 6 & 7
Testimonial: I have had a great experience with Bright Minds Summer Camp for the summer of 2017. My son has loved every day he goes and doesn’t stop raving about how he can play sports every day. My son is very energetic and it is nice to know he is able to participate daily in physical activity. I am also thankful for the weekly focuses to help instill values in our young children today.
The staff is always warm and welcoming even when you know it has been a bad day. You can tell the camp counselors and teachers are always caring and professional.
My son will be attending this camp every year they offer it! I can’t give enough great feedback on my experience with Bright Minds Summer Camp.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: J. Owens
Campers Age: 7
Testimonial: It’s affordable, convenient and keeps William active during the summer time.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: Rick and Chanda
Campers Age: 12, 10 & 10
Testimonial: One again we have been blessed with the opportunity to have our children attend BMYD summer camp. We are very thankful for this program, the site director, staff and community partners that work to impact the lives of children.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: C. Edenfield
Campers Age: 12
Testimonial: This is Anna’s 3rd year at camp and she’s still enjoying every day! She has made lifelong friends and continues to make new ones! Ms. Wanda, Ms. Velma, Coach Battle and Ms. Taneshay, Thank You!
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Parents Name: M. Foster
Campers Age: 12 & 9
Testimonial: First and for most nothing is more comforting than knowing your children are in good hands. The staff holds themselves to the highest standards and it showed. The children enjoyed making new friends and all the activities the camp provided and we are looking forward to next year.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: Mark and Meghan
Campers Age: 12 & 8
Testimonial: Lots of kid’s activities. My boys always have lots of fun with the other kids. I love that they open early and close late!
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: L. Baskin
Campers Age: 10
Testimonial: BMYD camp has been a great program. Not only is it “play time” for the campers, they also continue to learn educational material that the campers can use in day to day living. The structures environment is always a plus. Thanks Instructors!
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Parents Name: K. Brown
Campers Age: 7
Testimonial: My daughter attended camp this year. She loved to come to camp everyday she talk about how much fun that she had.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: J. Leger
Campers Age: 5
Testimonial: We have two children in camp this year and both boys have come home and said how much fun they have had. They love the field trips that have been planned and the teachers are amazing.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: K. Potter
Campers Age: 13
Testimonial: Jackson loves camp. Everyone is very fun and professional, don’t change a thing. He said it is amazing. Thank you for all you do.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: C. Seiling
Campers Age: 11
Testimonial: I like keystone BMYD camp because the staff is nice. Also because there are a lot of activities and games to do.
Rating: 5.5 Stars

Parents Name: R. Ekenbarger
Campers Age: 9
Testimonial: Camp is great. My daughter is having a blast. She enjoys field trips ad science activities. I like that she gets to practice math and reading in fun ways. She gets to do a lot for a very affordable price. We are glad BMYD is in Keystone.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Counselors Name: B. Ludwig
Counselors Age: 17
Testimonial: I’ve been a counselor here for 3 years, and I’ve love it. Our counselors and instructors get along great and it is always fun getting to bond with the campers. What I love about our camp is that it is smaller than other, so everyone gets to know each other better. Our camp is like a family.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Christina – We really enjoyed the Summer Camp this year at KHHS. Our daughter Lily attended the 5-6 year old class and had a blast. This was her first time. We LOVED her teacher Ms. Jones. I was really pleased with the tutoring that was provided throughout as well as the field trips and the Friday water days. Lily’s summer was a great one filled with lots of fun and learning thanks to this program. She will definitely be returning next year.

Lisa – Very happy with this program and the staff was AMAZING! Would be interested in after school program for sure!

James – We love the program it’s great. Our son was able to make new friends and grow mentally and emotionally and learn daily life skills, team work, kindness etc. His teacher Mrs. Jones was really great with him.

Audrey – Last year was Joshua’s first year at Keystone and he had such a great time he wanted to come again this year. Not only did he come but this year also his brother Jasiah. Once again Joshua had a wonderful time and had some comments every day and really liked his group and Mr. Jackson. Jasiah had never had this experience before but could not wait to go each day and wanted to make sure he did not miss anything! They went on every field trip and each one was a great experience with so many things to tell me when they got home. I am so thankful that I was able to send both this year and it was worth every penny and I give God the Glory for providing. I like the memory book Mrs. Jones’s class did and it will be a keepsake for sure! I also want to thank Ashley for all of her assistance and caring that she did.

Brittany – My son really enjoyed attending BMYD summer camp this year and will definitely be returning next year. We really loved Mrs. Jones who was in charge of the 5-6 year olds. Also, Mrs. Ashley the director, and Mrs. Swartzwelder the co-director were always very friendly and helpful. One of the volunteer counselors, Grace, was also very great with my son.

Kelly – My son had so much fun this year at camp! He will definitely be returning next year.

Ashley – My daughters had a wonderful experience at camp this summer. I loved that they did not use any electronic devices all summer. Instead, they did what kids should be doing! They played games outdoors, played board games, interacted with friends, learned great life lessons, and came home exhausted every single day! They absolutely loved getting up and going to camp every day. I would highly recommend this program to any other parent!

Sam – My granddaughter loved her summer with Bright Minds Youth Development. I love how there was a new theme each week and she learned many valuable life lessons.

Kristen – This program has been a great program and I’m glad to see it coming to Keystone Heights. My son Jackson has really enjoyed everyone there and he speaks highly of the counselors there. He has enjoyed all the field trips as well. I love the fact that there is fun and learning to be done as well during camp. There is not a camp in the area that is as reasonable as this one and that provides field trips and hot breakfast and lunch. We hope to see you back next year.

Karen – My two grandsons attended the KHHS summer camp and I would highly recommend it. They loved the field trips and had a blast participating in the mini-camps!


Julia – My daughter attended camp with BMYD and she had so much fun. She came home with many fun stories and I love that she was not allowed to bring her cell phone. I hope this program continues to stay in Keystone because we need it in this area.

Joseph – My kids attended the full summer and they had loads of fun from the first day to the very last. I would highly recommend BMYD to anyone out there. They offer a highly quality camp at affordable prices. No other programs offer anything like that.

Audrey – Dear BMYD; I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you starting this camp. It was definitely a blessing not only for Joshua but for me as well! He enjoyed it and had a lot of fun and learning experiences. Every field trip was educational and/or fun. If it were not for this opportunity I am sure he would have been very bored and having no one to spend time with would not have been a good option. Ashley was always there to answer questions either by email or phone and that was really appreciated. I liked the way Joe handled situations as did Joshua. Once again thank you!

Sarah – Our boys loved it and requested to come back next year. Thank you so much for everything!

Maria – This summer has been a great summer for them, especially with this being their first time coming to the program. I like that there was always some type of fun activity for them to participate in and learn from.

Laura – The girls had fun and really liked the talent show at the end of camp. They would be disappointed if there was not a talent show next year as they said it was their favorite part of summer. They liked the fire truck water day. Overall however the kids had fun, made friends, and the price is right.

Octavia – My son was only able to attend one week this year because he spent the summer with his dad in Oklahoma, but he really enjoyed the one week 1 August thru 5 August. I think the staff is friendly and always helpful. I’m glad you guys are working on the few kinks and I know you will be bigger and better next year. I love what the organization is doing for the community, hiring good people, low cost without sacrificing quality in the care, facilities or programs.

Melissa – This was the first year that Justin attended the BMYC. He has told me he really enjoyed going to the camp at the Oakleaf Jr-High School Location.

Traci – I liked how there were field trips and different activities for my child to do while in attendance.

Sandra – Please add my 2 boys to the list for next year. They have attended the Oakleaf camp for the past 2 years and love it. They can’t speak enough about it, as well as, Coach Chris.

Janelle – Our experience this year at camp was a highly positive one. Our children have been participants for three years, and we are excited to witness the expansion of BMYD. We are excited for 2017!

Terry – This is our second year in your program. And we LOVE it. We attended the OJHS location. Mr. Littles is the best!!!!! And the staff and volunteers are AMAZING!!!!!! I can’t think of anything to change!!! We are very pleased with how you run camp!!!! Carson would LOVE to attend again next year!!!


Kay – I just wanted to take a minute to tell you all how much we appreciate you, the teachers, the counselors and the student leaders this summer. It’s sometimes hard to be parent, even when there’s two of us to do the job, you have to make sure your children are being cared for by someone you trust and depend on. You guys have definitely hit the mark on everything! Every interaction we’ve had with you has been wonderful, I feel all our needs were met, and exceeded. Those young ladies up front were awesome! They made check in/out so smooth and easy. The teachers and counselors did their best making sure the kids were happy and taken care of. At pickup, whenever I asked my kids “how was your day? It was never just “it was okay”, they always had a good story for me. Last, but not least Maya and Brady love you guys, they already say they can’t wait til next year to come back, I feel the same way. Loved the talent show!!! Thanks so much for being there.

Erica – I just wanted to send you a short testimony and let you know that I have been very impressed with your organization and with the summer camp. Christian has had a great time, and you and the other staff have been responsive and professional. Everything has gone well with no hiccups for me and my family which is impressive considering the OJH camp is in its first year! And I am very excited about the talent show: Christian has been telling me all about it! Thanks again! I hope camp will be back at OJH next year and Christian can attend next summer too.

Jocelyn – My son absolutely loved this camp!!! He has gone to a camp every year since he has been in elementary school. But, this by far has been the best. He never wants to miss a day or be picked up early. Keep up the great work in Oakleaf. We look forward to having this camp in our community next year.


Jason – Thank you for the opportunity to share our family’s extraordinary experiences during the Summer Camp program at OJHS 2015. Finding a cost effective and safe environment for three children had always been a daunting task. We’ve been blessed since first being exposed to BMYD after receiving a referral last year for summer camp. Our children enjoy the fun, active, creative, and expressive environment the camp offers. My husband and I appreciate the components of education, life skills, leadership, team work, and the valuable personal connections with peers, teachers, and teen volunteers. Though the summer is winding down, and a new school year is just around the bend, our children are already fired up for camp next summer. We are excited to witnessing this movement soar! BMYD programs are an integral part of our family unit, but is also quickly embedding itself as a staple in the community as a whole. We appreciate all you do!

Peggy – I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Coach Littles and the staff at Oakleaf Junior High School for the summer camp program and field trips. Elijah has totally enjoyed summer camp and because the pricing has been kept low, he was able to go for 5 weeks. He has already asked about Christmas camp. I know that this was the first time at Oakleaf Junior High and hope that it has been such a success that you will be able to bring it back there again.

Parents Name: L. Turner
Campers Age: 5
Testimonial: Weston has loved coming every day. We love it and hope he comes next year.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: J. Matos
Campers Age: 6
Testimonial: My children really enjoyed attending camp this year. Excellent program and staff.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: A. Higgins
Campers Age: 10 & 12
Testimonial: Both kids seem to enjoy it.
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Parents Name: H. Thronton
Campers Age: 9
Testimonial: Launa, Launa’s mom and I have enjoyed the camp experience here at Oceanway Day camp from the daily activities, field trips (which were educational and fun) to the camp staff they are wonderful.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: J. Hyman
Campers Age: 7
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Parents Name: N. Williamson
Campers Age: 8
Testimonial: He loves camp, everybody is friendly. He behaves better now that he is here.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: E. Pratt
Campers Age: 6
Testimonial: Friendly staff, kids have fun. I suggest putting T-Shirt cost into registration cost. Great Hours, I will recommend camp to family and friends.
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Parents Name: F. Patterson
Campers Age: 6, 8 & 9
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Parents Name: T. Sherman
Campers Age: 7
Testimonial: Thank you for all you’ve done. The staff has worked so hard to make this camp a great experience for the children. I am looking forward to next year, Lord willing.
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Parents Name: M. Castelvecchi
Campers Age: 7
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Audrey – My sons really enjoyed the weekly trips, the other children, and they felt safe with the staff. Great staff interaction and focusing on positive youth interactions. Thank you for accepting episcopal services because my sons really enjoyed which made it an easy summer for me. Next year, I have to make my own payments, but with the week to week option, it makes it more convenient.

Kathryn – My children absolutely loved the camp. It’s a wonderful addition to our community. My kid’s would ask to go even on the days they didn’t need to.

Parents Name: D. Brown
This is my daughters second year attending the Bright Minds Youth Summer Camp and it is the best fit for our family. We love the engaging activities that are planned throughout the day that help keep her mind sharp for the upcoming school year. While I know the summer is supposed to be a break, I prefer to have my daughter engaged with other kids, learning life skills, etc. instead of her sitting in front of a television all summer. She has made many friends while attending this camp. The field trips are always places she enjoys. The six o’clock start time works great with our early work schedules. The location is in the same area as our younger child’s daycare which a major positive for me. One of the best features of this camp is their dedication to my child’s safety. Since both my husband and I work, it’s important that we know our children are safe when we leave them. It is the friendliness, professionalism, and caring attitude of the staff that will keep us coming back to Bright Minds as long as they will have our family.

Parents Name: Brandon D
We have been taking my kids to Bright Minds Orange Park for 3 years now and I can’t think of a better more suitable place for my children. Over the summer my kids love the counselors and the field trips and activities. I would recommend this camp 10x over.

Parents Name: R. Fowler
Summer camp here at S. Bryan Jennings has been fabulous for Logen. Its taught my son more manners and promoted teamwork. He’s much more talkative and loves all of the friends he’s made here.

Parents Name: Valerie L.
Bright Minds has been amazing throughout this whole camp. My son has tried several but we have not had much success. Not only do they continue the education throughout the program, but they find ways to make it fun. The field trips, game days and water days are all well planned and thought out. My son loves the teachers here. He days they really care and listen to him.

Parents Name: Adriane M.
As the summer comes to an end and we are starting to prepare for school. I can’t help but reflect upon the absolutely amazing summer that Xionn had in the Bright Minds Youth Development Program, His experience was everything that we hoped it would be and more. He made wonderful friends and had super counselors. Everyone—thank you! Your leadership and organizational skills are truly inspirational. Your communication with me was always patient and helpful. We are already looking forward to next summer and can’t wait for him to be back and experience another fulfilled summer at BMYD!