Goals of our Organization

  • To provide safe, caring and creative environments for youth participants.
  • To enhance and enrich the lives of children as they become young adults.
  • To engage parents in actively supporting their own children and youth.
  • To improve learning opportunities through social and academic support for in-school students.
  • To involve youth in sports and recreational programs to develop character and teamwork.
  • To educate, train and groom youth for leadership, higher education and the world of work, including life management skills.
  • To empower at-risk children through reinforcement and developmental programs.
A DEDICATED CADRE OF VOLUNTEERS AND STAFF will work with youth to: instill confidence; encourage engagement with and support from family, peers, and community and empower them to invest in their own development.

Most importantly, the agency will coach youth in clarifying positive values, integrity, and moral commitment, along with feelings of caring, compassion, and desire to contribute to society.

ALL VOLUNTEERS AND STAFF must pass background checks and possess the requisite experience and credentials for our programs, including teachers, counselors, coaches and mentors.