Mentoring Program

What We Do!
Bright Minds Youth Development, Inc. (BMYD) is a community and school based effort to help support and provide guidance for youth 7-18 years old. In BMYD’s mentoring program, youth receive education counseling, job skills, personal development opportunities, leadership skills, and a focus to direct their lives in a positive and productive direction. Bright Minds Mentors provide support to their mentees as they go through the BMYD mentoring experience. Mentors also provide ongoing support to graduates of the program in order to ensure their continued educational, personal, and professional success. Mentors are a key part to the success of BMYD’s program, by supporting the learning, development, and exploration of adolescence.

Why Choose Bright Minds Mentoring Program?
Bright Minds Mentors are set apart from other mentoring organizations in several ways. First, Bright Minds Youth Development was developed with a mission to provide youth and young adults the opportunity to explore and develop their talents, while gaining critical skills for leadership, education, health, work and beyond. The core belief of our organization goes far beyond just mentoring. We want parents to know that we not only care about their child’s academics, but we also care for their livelihood and future development. Students and young adults deal with countless obstacles and challenges, such as bulling, low self-esteem, risky behavior, drugs, underage drinking, etc. Bright Minds Mentors go above and beyond to ensure each child gets the support needed to head in a positive life direction.

Location of Mentoring
BMYD provides mentoring services to students of all ages in the comfort of their home or in a mutually agreed location. Many students are intimidated in a group setting or embarrassed to ask for help in front of their peers. BMYD mentoring allows for face to face, private sessions where students feel confident and relaxed.

Time commitment
Mentors will be matched with a youth for a minimum of 6 or 12 months.

Director of Mentoring
If you have any questions, or need any additional information, please contact Director of Mentoring at 904-637-4720.