Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not want the tutor to come to my home?
Before the tutoring sessions begin, you will be able to discuss a location to meet. Our tutoring sessions can take place at a church, local library, coffee shops, the school, etc. Typically parents and students enjoy the luxury of having a tutor come to them.

How often should my child have a tutoring session?
We recommend that students attend at least two tutoring sessions per week, especially if they are failing or behind in a subject area. The more often they attend sessions, the faster they will learn the material.

What are EOC exams?
End of Course Exams are taken at the end of a high school year in most core classes. Students must pass these exams in order to pass the course. What many parents do not realize is students can request to take an EOC exam before taking a class. If they pass it, they can completely skip the class altogether and receive a passing grade. This is exciting news for students who are interested in dual enrollment.

How long will my child need tutoring services?
This question can only be answered on a case by case basis. Some students require yearlong tutoring, while others catch up in one month.

What is the advantage to choosing a package deal?
The package deals are significantly discounted to make long term tutoring affordable for families. Most students require at least one month of quality tutoring, whether it’s preparing for an exam or remediation in a course. We recommend booking at least 3 months of tutoring if you are concerned about your student falling behind grade level.

Which tutor should I choose?
We recommend choosing a tutor that is currently, or has recently, taught in the age group and subject area that you need tutoring services. If you need help with this, a Bright Minds professional will help you with your decision.

Can I get free tutoring?
It is possible for some clients to receive free tutoring services. If you are a grandparent (with custody), foster parent, or if you receive government or social service funding, contact your agency to inquire about funds for tutoring services with Bright Minds Youth Development. Also, if your child has an IEP, they may receive funding for tutoring services if they are not meeting grade level requirements. Contact your child’s Special Education Support Facilitator for information.